Ghosts of Destiny

The vague feeling of certainty becomes concrete.
The feeling of you slips from the mists
Silvery fragments dissolve into human form

Laughter from darkness becomes light

Love becomes real

It’s a vague inexplicable feeling

A knowing that imagination becomes life

The desire long buried by fear recedes into the mist

Fate and wishfulness gather strength creating reality

The instinct of you is there …

I hear you, yet I cannot see you
I feel you, yet I cannot touch you

Your vibration hums to me —



In the greatest depths, the overwhelming doubts

The solidity of you appears,
The feeling of home rises from the darkness
You are there

What If

It’s a dizzying high.
Fast moving overwhelming
Flights of fancy, uncontrollable silliness
The warmth of the smile as it brightens the eyes.

Thoughts trample over each other
Subtle looks take on non-existing meanings
Past and Present conversations debate.

What if it doesn’t work?

The pain
The emptiness
The disillusionment

What if it does?

The joy
The wholeness
The possibilities

A whisper — what if…