Emotions are Illogical

There’s been a lot of angst and tragedy worldwide in the last few months. Some events have been closer to home than others, some have made national news, and others are more immediate and personal.

As I’ve moved on in my life trying to get back to who I was, I have taken more notice about what is occurring around me. The news and social media make it difficult to hear yourself or those around you and life comes down to conflicting sound bites.

I’ve listen to the rhetoric and the hate and the drama of public figures and of my immediate day-to-day world. The phrase of the moment is “drama free zone.”

At first I thought that would be nice, that drama free was a kind of Utopia. It would be great to end the hate and the conflicts and the killing.

It would be nice to get up, interact with other people and be happy and get along. There would be no killing, no arguments, no hate. We would all agree on everything because logic is an unbending unyielding truth of fact – just ask any scientist.

Energy is matter and matter cannot be created or destroyed: Fact. E = mc2 : Fact. The sky is blue: fact. Logic is emotionless: just ask Data from Start Trek.

Drama Free Zone is not Utopia, it’s not idyllic, and in the end, it’s impossible. Human interaction alone will always prevent this false illusion from occurring.

Emotions are not logical. Logic belongs in the world of movies, built for Artificial Intelligence — and quiet frankly, boring.

Look at all the good books and movies. They have one thing in common: drama and conflict. The one thing that attracts most people in a good story is the build up to the conflict and the one of many ways for resolution.

It’s the story, the conflict which wraps around your emotions that touch us the most. It allows us to find ourselves in the atoms which make us up;from pure happiness, laughter, sadness, and anger.

It is these emotions which make us alive and feel and create like no other living being on the planet. Without these illogical feelings life would be drama free. It would also be boring and stark and lifeless.

I’ve been in places where drama is a daily occurrence, where you don’t know what to expects. It is pure hell on earth and not something I will tolerate again in my life time.

On the other hand, being a hermit (for all my joking) is not a fun place either. Is it drama free? You betchya, but it is also lonely and boring and soul draining.

One cannot grown and thrive in an logical world, interaction is the only way to be you. And it is through a balance of logical emotions that we can be who we are.

Despite all the events of the modern world, emotions will always create drama. It is up to each person how much they are willing to tolerate.

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