Freedom Flys

Commercial planes taking off and landing does not stir the soul the same way military jets do.
There is something to be said with the roar of a military jet.
The sound of pride, of freedom, of sacrifice.

F-18s scream over head. Humans gather at the turning point to watch gray metal leave the earth and return.
Bombs strapped to the underside of the wings.

Nighttime sorties flare red and blue.
Tight formations over the deck — out across the ocean.
Precision in air — synchronized landings.
Practice for the inevitable not to happen.

I am protected.
I am in awe.
I am free.

Fated Destiny

Do you believe in Fate?
   Do you believe in Destiny?

Woman in the Mist

Swirls of mist whistle through trees.
Stepping through the veil.
Shadows dissolve to form.

The click of the unknown.
A quick twitch of the lips.
The twinkle of green eyes.
A soft velvet laugh floats across the space.
The flush of stars.

Do you believe you create your life?
   Do you Believe?

Aesthetic Consideration

Raspberries and vanilla caress the palette.

Late afternoon sun warms the Violets.
The fleeting aroma catches on the wind and settles around the patio.


Entwined fingers bob in a slow tug.
Swaying to and fro in the light breeze.
Soft press of lips to salty skin.

Leaves rustle above as nature breathes.
Audubon Oriole joins the chorus.
Osiria floats on the white and black bars.
Hints of the future float on the air.

The orange after glow of day illuminates the veranda.
Just a hint, soft and gentle.
A wisp of fancy floating at the corner of the mouth.
A fleeting look.
Layers of viridian mixed with humor.

Wishes to Life

Soft candle flickers lavender and jasmine into the air.
Wisps of smoke drift in a slow mist of abstract imagination.
Soft warm honey laughter dances with the mist.
A light caress of time with no beginning — no end.

Melding of spirit and thought into one.
At the intersection of light and dark, blank emptiness vanishes in brilliant unexpected hope.
Hand in hand gears click into place.
Strangers fade as new life blossoms.
Mischievous glances, quick snippets breath life into trust, love, peace.