Synchronicity vs Coincidences

There is a current debate between me and one of my friends. My friend, who shall remain nameless, thinks that life is life and you just go bobbing along with the flow. No reason for things that happen or don’t happen.

Me? Well, I believe that life is what you bring into existence and if you look for guidance it will be there.  Most people call them coincidences (she or he does too). I don’t think there are such animals, I think of these random events that link together as synchronicity.

You can call them signs or coincidences or looking for hidden meanings in everyday things, but when you intentionally or unintentionally put your wishes, wants, and desires out there the world/universe will move people, places, and circumstances into your life for you to follow.

Maybe I read into things in an urgent need to have my desires manifest quickly, but that is neither here nor there.  What I can tell you is that all my life, when I sit back and look at things objectively (as objectively as a passionate human being can), my life has gone about exactly as I wanted (with a few unexpected surprises that still ended me exactly where I should have been at that moment).  Things manifested they way they did because I wanted something or wanted to be somewhere. When I ignored the synchronicity (signs, coincidences, whatever you want to call them) I am usually presented with a very unhappy set of things that put me ultimately in the space I wanted to be in the first place. That is how I ended up in the Air Force — a story for another time.

While I’m not here to convince you one way of the other, I will say, that I have a few friends (even the one that believes in coincidences) who have mentioned that I have the power to bring into my life exactly what I want — just not always in the time frame that I want.

I currently sit in a new place in a new town that I scribbled down (in detail) in a notebook over a year ago.  Faint images are appearing on the periphery of the other people and things I want to fill my life. If I can find the patience and still the outside noise and doubts, and listen to the songs,sayings, and people in my life then I will be guided to the spots at the correct time.

Now if I can only figure out what that song on the radio means.



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    “Maybe I read into things in an urgent need to have my desires manifest quickly” <<<<< YES. I do it too, sometimes, but my pervasive logic always tamps it back down and calls it "coincidence".

    But I also don't believe in God or fairies or Big Foot. There are those (miliions and millions) who do believe in those things. I'm glad that people can believe in those things (like signs) because the world would be a much sadder place if they didn't.


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