The Intangible Something

What is it that draws humans together? The sudden feeling or lack thereof that exists between us.

We click or don’t and sometimes fall somewhere in between. Feelings bring us together or divide us into enemies. How does the vibration in one soul work with another?

When the frequency clicks between two physical strangers, do you follow it? Or is it a fleeting fancy? If fleeting, why click at all?

The vibrations, the instant attractions are flights of fancy. The instantaneous love which are known and acknowledged by both people, are fodder for romance novels. The love at first sight in fiction must have occurred in real life or there would be no basis for the imagination to translate into words on the page.

The Chicken or the Egg

So, the old age question, did the romance novel inspire millions of love at first sights or did this love exist in the first place and inspire the poets and authors since the dawn of time?

Scientists have stated that matter is energy which cannot be created or destroyed, but rather changes shape. The frequency of energy draws in like vibrations. Therefore, it stands to logical reason, that since humans are made up of matter which is sending out energy, that we draw in like energy; whether it be good energy or bad or somewhere in between.

What is phenomenal about this theory or energy attracting like energy is that the human mind can actually change frequency within their matter. Over time people who seem to “be lucky” run out of luck and fall on hard times, juxtaposition it with people who are down and out and suddenly become successful.

Is is all a matter of luck and hard work, or was it a shift in the mind set of the person that changed? Changing the way you think, changes the frequency you emit.

So it stands to reason, if your vibration is good, higher, positive, loving, compassionate then you will attract those same people into your life. If your frequency crosses the path of a lower one then you repel from that and conflict comes into play.


If similar frequencies come into the same space, however briefly, do you follow the path to see where it goes or do you chalk it up to an anomaly?

It is a rare thing for an overwhelming feeling of like vibrations to come into the same space. Such rarities should be explored.

Maybe it is just an illusion, but if you don’t follow the path, how do you know?

While loves enduring half a decade are rare, there is always the possibility that you would be the one.

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