This is crazy. I like to think I follow my instincts. I’m always right, or so I tell myself. Follow your intuition you won’t go wrong. Always that inner voice is tempered with a heavy dose of logic, or caution, of self-doubt.

Here I sit miles above the earth headed for a new city. Crazy.

It’s a vacation, nothing more. Well-deserved after the last couple of years, of stress, of unforeseen drama and threats.

I booked without thought. The destination picked as a result of random people talking about it, the city coming up in books, and news threads, and the rarely watched television.

It was for fun, for relaxing, for exploring my next move. To see where the new chapter should start as I transition from one phase of my life to the next.

Which came first? The planning of the destination or the exploration of the path to discover if there was any path left to walk.

I never expected you to be in the same place at the same point in time.

Usually my jump without looking, without a net leaves me in a panic. You know, the kind where your heart beats so fast it pounds the sound out of your ears?

The second guessing didn’t occur until the plane door shut. One last text of OMG what am I doing later and I was at the point of no return.

Am I finding my next chapter with you? Or are you just guiding me to where I am supposed to go?

I remember that first no thought action where you were concerned. Slipping out of the chair to kiss you. It was the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. It was brief, but full of passion, of promise.

I can’t wait to see you, to hug you, to touch you.

Will the answers be revealed in that first touch? Will you tell me the truth? Will I know if you don’t?


Have I found my place?

I made a mistake. My Instincts were wrong.

No, trust it. Be patient. Listen.

How much of my life is wrong then?

My destiny is here.

No it’s not.


It might be.

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