Second Thoughts

When I pursue something with purpose it does not come easily. When I chase it try to force something to happen, to come to me, I drive it further away. The world spins and I am one with nature. I get distracted completely from my original goal which I pursued with such desire. When the need comes back around and presents itself to me on a silver platter.

There are times where I pick it up and move forward. But every now and again, I look at it and choose to leave it where it was. There is a time, which comes to me every now and again, a call from the past, and echo of something I chose not to purse.

Should I have? Did I miss a clue? Did I overlook or miss something I should have picked up again? Maybe I should not have walked away, and I wonder – is this regret? What would my path have been like if I had not found another and moved slightly forward with a doomed destination? What if…

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