Health Wealth and Happiness

Health Wealth and Happiness comes in many sizes, shapes, and forms. I wanted to take a moment and send out a thank you.

There are many ways to say thank you. In the past, it was pen to paper and stamp to envelop. On occasion you could even get away with saying Thank You over a corded machine on the wall.

Now? Now you can say Thank You in a variety of ways. Verbally along with a quick firm handshake or hug. Thank you with a brief kiss on the cheek.

You can text or tweet a Thank You; post it on Facebook and — you can even — gasp — pick up a paper card and write a  Thank You and put it in the postal mail to someone (archaic I know).

Or, if you’re of a particular (peculiar) ilk, you can even write a blog post.

Or maybe, just maybe, all of the above.

Local friendsHealth-Wealth-Happiness

I had a couple or three friends show up and cook up a Savory and Sweet crepe brunch. It was a great way to start my day and I felt special and warm and blessed. The food was delicious and home cooked from scratch. We talked for a couple of hours and laughed, and talked of all things old. We chatted about the future without making plans and daydreamed. I had a great time.

Best Laid Plans

The original plan for celebrating half a century was scrapped due to unforeseen circumstances outside everyone’s control. A couple of my best mates stepped up without question or hesitation and formed a great plan B. They took over the scheduling, the notifying, and the orchestration of said plan. And Andy will forever be grateful for plan B. Despite the change almost everyone in plan A could accommodated the last minute chaos. I couldn’t believe how many people were willing to change lanes and come out and enjoy dinner and wine and laughs with me. I am blessed and happy for all that came out to wish me well. Even for those that could not come out, I know you were there in spirit — or at least in conversation — cause  make no mistake — we talked about y’all. And you made me laugh and we caught up virtually so that was just as good.

Family and Far Away Peeps

My family and some of my life long friends could not be here physically, but I heard from everyone in some various shape or form. I received texts and calls (even AARP got in on the joke — thanks Sis) and facebook messages galore.  Even the spirit of my father (we used his cast iron skillet for brunch) and my mother (I wore a silver herringbone necklace she gave me) and my grandmother who’s name I bear due to being born on the same day (I wore her ring). Everyone was there.

Birthday Wishes

As I blew out the 3 candles (Health, Wealth, Happiness), I realized I was truly blessed. I felt less alone than I had in a long time. I felt more free. I laughed the night through. It was an awesome time and I am glad for everyone who was there to celebrate with me as I step into an awesome new year.

PS: In case y’all missed it, this is me writing again. Stay tuned as more is coming.

I love you all and wish you all:





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