Turning the Page

The end is near. The drama of the last few years is reaching its pinnacle. There is nothing left but to layout the pieces to see what fragments are left. Nothing but the sorting now.

The bleak dark holes have covered over and are less tender. The time is coming nearer to put things in their place, to write new words and make the transition.

It’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter.

Pages past have built the foundation of today. New words, new adventures, new beginnings are in the making.

Letter by letter, emotions of tears followed by collapse lead the way back to happiness. The words wove together sentences of time. Time created pages of wonder and sorrow and anger. Hopefulness and meditation and the longing for what should have been are randomly floating around the whiteness.

It wasn’t the story that should have been told or wanted to be told, but it was the life it was. The new chapters hold promise. Seeds planted long ago waiting to come to life.

With the stroke of a pen, with the ending near, the new begins and holds no fear.

Turn the page on the hurt, the fear, the past. Write on to the transition, the promise, the happiness.

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