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It wasn’t the way you looked. It wasn’t what you said.

It was the softness of your voice.

The warm liquid scent of your laugh.

It was the feeling behind the smile.

The intensity of the green eyes.

It was the soft persistence.

It was …


The tips of your fingers drawing small circles on my knee.

The feel of your hands across my skin.

The trailing of lips down the side of my body.

The firmness of your legs wrapped around my waist.

The natural movements as we moved.

The safety of your arms.


Comfortable and relaxing as you naturally touched my arm to make a point,

intertwine your fingers with mine as we walk.

Warm and safe as you lay against me, stroking my body aimlessly.


Safe and secure as I knew there was someone keeping an eye on me even when I was not earth bound.

You know me.

You care for me.

You love me.


Every thought, every image explodes through my body; when I was with you and when I was alone caught awares. They come unbidden with such force to near knock me off my feet. It takes a moment to catch my breath, to orient myself.


The ever present hole in the middle of my being disappeared filled with your love, your presence — with you.

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